Papercut Magazine

"Vince's unwavering honesty and sincerity lend him a sense of uniqueness that separates him from the crowd."

New Rising Media

"Through everything from the wistful the clearly confrontational lyrics about his past, the storytelling is clear in every element."


Melancholia chosen as one of the video picks of the week.


"My Depression Is Trying to Kill Me is the enticing, captivating and revealing debut EP from the talented and versatile Grant, who alluring wrote and sang about his deeply personal and emotional experiences, as he continues to battle to overcome his addictions and depression."

DOA - For the Love of Music

"He sings with a gutsy, Joe Strummer-like edge (a touch of desperation, a bit of regret, ever direct)."

The Future FM Blog

"For Grant, songs such as 'Melancholia' serve as both a revealing personal journal and a form of empowering therapy."

Leading Us Absurd

Middle Tennessee Music

Geyser Music

"Grant keeps spitting the truth out about his life and you just can’t let go of it."

Music Emissions

"The closing track, "Sweet Addiction", is a nine-plus minute statement anchored by strong acoustic guitar and colored tastefully by Grant's band. This song is an ambitious attempt on Grant's part to fuse his passions for rock and pop music with personal songwriting into a greater, almost symphonic, whole. It is a wonderful conclusion to a stunning debut." 


"If you listen to the five tracks in order in one sitting, it feels like you are listening to a very intimate, uplifting, and inspiringTED talk about one person’s journey through mental illness." 

Emerging Indie Bands

"Vince Grant's willingness to prevail over his depression is proved by the time and effort he has put in to each track on his album. In his words, “I write songs to cope. I’d like to say I write songs to heal, but that may be asking too much.“. This is why he produces such amazing songs. Although he’s writing to cope, his music has a feel not many artists can emulate."

CultNoise Magazine

"There are few singer/songwriters out there with the ability to leave listeners completely speechless. Vince Grant is one of them."

Rebel Noise

"Vince Grant has battled depression and addiction and his heartfelt, rousing new EP charts his successful, but tumultuous recovery."

DOA - For the Love of Music

"Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Vince Grant is the rare musician who openly addresses his depression and mental illness by diving deeply into his experiences on his heartfelt and rousing debut EP, My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me."

Scallywag Magazine

"Removing the stigma and isolation from depression and bipolar disorder is Vince Grant's mission as an artist. His debut record My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me is an honest, heartbreaking, soul-releasing journey that we all can gather strength from."


"Grant has shed his previous addictions — drugs, alcohol — and forged a new path for himself as a solo artist with an incredible, inspiring message."

Outsiders Music

"The EP has five beautifully crafted tracks. Grant's lyrics and the music create such powerful emotions it will be hard not to say My Depression will be one of the most ‘real’ EPs this year."

Short and Sweet NYC

"The almost holy “Melancholia” opens, setting us off on Grant’s distinct worldview and honest voice."


"Truly, the entire album is raw and emotional, but wholly human and intense. Lyrics like, “And I can’t stop / because it hurts / sweet addiction” capture the intimate pain of struggle, and reveal Grant baring his soul, no matter the result."


Abort Magazine

"Such is his mastery at story telling that we are able to find a piece of ourselves in him, which is sometimes haunting. Add to all this a solid musical performance from Grant and his session players and you’re left with a powerful offering in five tracks. Powerful in more ways than one."

Nashville Music Guide

"This album, this music, this collection of lyrics and magic, is outstanding."

Rothnroll- Palace of Rock


"It’s a heartfelt and involving EP of five tuneful indie-rock songs that feature a matter-of-fact Vince straightforwardly delivering powerful messages about the persistent lure of addiction and the continual fight against depression." 

New Noise Magazine

"An amazing release that speaks volumes in only five songs, songs of maturity and understanding that other long standing artists just wish that they could have." 

Absolute Punk

"A true blood, sweat and tears project, My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is an astounding and emotional overwhelming musical experience, and the best EP of the year so far."

Brutal Resonance

"He may not know it or care, but Vince Grant's debut EP is a very noble and brave release. The title could not be more in-your-face: "My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me". This title is not only self-explanatory, but shockingly honest. In just five songs, this EP, released in February, takes the listener on a journey through the trials or suffering with a mental illness with, dare I say it, brutal resonance for anyone who has been through a similar issue." 

Verbal Slaps

"There are few men that would ever dare to speak about their battles with depression, and even fewer still that would put those emotions into musical form. But Vince Grant has just released a debut EP that tackles the condition head-on. My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me offers five tracks that not only provide the lyrical content that connects with listeners through its poignancy, but also uplifts with the inspiration through the journey of mental illness."


"To say that this EP is promising, good, or great would be a disservice. It’s more than that. It’s an ethereal voice that tells us—we are not alone."

Weekly Indie Music Podcast

"One thing you can say about Vince Grant is that he isn’t afraid to face his demons. Or, at least, if he is afraid, he’s an artist who embraces that fear, and in doing so imbues his music with a very distinctive tone. Once a Venice Beach busker and drug addict, now a reformed man on the road to recovery, as time goes on Grant may well prove to be more than simply a songwriter - he may actually be a comfort to others suffering from his affliction."


"Vince Grant has been all over the country, playing music and running from his mental illness. With a debut EP name like My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me, it’s no wonder he was running scared. Now with the release of possibly one of the more achingly personal albums ever, here’s hoping Grant is able to stand still and if not fully heal, at least to cope."

The Music News Site

"Vince Grant’s debut EP, My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me, is about as raw and real one can get on an album. Possibly the most personal album ever written, Vince Grant has used his songwriting process as a therapeutic tool to cope with his struggle with mental illness, and through his bravery in releasing the album, the rest of us get to share in that painful but beautiful process of catharsis and self-healing."


"My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is a powerful expressive piece of work."

Collective Lifestyle

“I am so grateful for people like Vincent—people who speak honestly about issues many are not fully aware of as they should be, and being the person bold enough to address it head on.  I applaud his ability to use his pain as a catalyst to not only create art, but speak to others who have endured similar situations.  This guy is going places and he will take you with him with the music he makes.”

Guardian Liberty Voice

"Not since Jeff Buckley has there been such a personal and honest storyteller in indie rock."


"To say that this EP is promising, good, or great would be a disservice. It's more than that. It's an ethereal voice that tells us we are not alone."

Static Multimedia

"Grant lays everything down on the table as he sings, and the beauty of his work not only comes out in his music but also in his own facial expressions."


"More than simply the musicality of the album, it’s about time that a musician openly addressed depression and mental illness in a creative way."

New Sick Music

"He’s been recently featured in the Huffington Post, and his EP, My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me, is a stunner."

Review Fix

"With solid lyrics, moody, brooding and passionate guitar work and super solid drum work, Grant is able to use his weaknesses as a catalyst to fuel a deep and important EP that begs to be listened to."

Review Fix


Smash Cut

"This sense of feeling alone is something in which anyone with a history of depression can surely relate, but then again there will always be times when a shoulder to cry on isn't what you're looking for.  Sometimes you just need a good record that you know will speak to how you're feeling.  For times like that, Vince Grant's got your back."

"My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me is a transparent lens through which we can see the very personal struggle of a single man. It transcends the individual, though, and for all those out there wondering if you’re the only one, take a listen."

Cult Noise Magazine

"The best EP of the year so far."

"Grant's voice. He sounds a little like REM's Michael Stipe during "Melancholia," and then a little like Glen Phillips (of Toad The Wet Sprocket) during "Oceans II."

Independent Spotlight

"Vince Grant’s new EP, ‘My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me’ is one of the most emotional, personal records I’ve ever reviewed. On almost all counts, it succeeds in its endeavors and it’s a gorgeous experience. Grant puts it all out on the table on this EP, and that in itself is very admirable. Check the album out; it’s a winner."


"Vince Grant’s story and struggle is definitely not unique to just him – which is probably what makes his new five-song EP that much more important In an age where mental illness is finally coming to the forefront of our collective consciousness – as a genuine affliction – Grant’s album creates another window into which someone can understand the battles some people have to face every day of their lives."

The Heartbeat Life

"His candid words and simple guitar playing resonate with the millions out there stuck in this state."


“My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me” is full of deeply personal songs where Grant opens his chest and reveals his beating heart. Ironically, the EP is not depressing, but rather it’s uplifting and dare I say, inspirational?  The EP will send a shiver up your spine as Grant croons his way through five songs and leaves you wanting more."

Leading Us Absurd

Review of the song and the video for "How Many Times You".

Music Unlabeled

"My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me definitely isn’t perfect. But it is a passionate piece of art, and you can actually feel how important it is to the musician when you’re listening to it. And that is what makes it a great EP."


"The title of Grant’s EP is My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me, and it’s a gem. The enormity of Grant’s talent is evident. The arrangements are splendid and the musicianship, along with Grant’s conspicuous vocals, makes the EP a winner."


My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is a gift for the wounded and the broken."

The Big Takeover

"My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is a beautifully emotional and well rounded work from a musician who wears everything proudly on his sleeve."

East Portland Blog

Embattled singer/songwriter Vince Grant is championing honesty about mental illness by releasing the latest video for “Oceans II” from his critically acclaimed debut CD My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me. This release has ignited public discussion about depression.

Accidental Bear

"Los Angeles’, embattled singer/songwriter, Vince Grant, has been championing honesty about mental illness by releasing the latest video for “Oceans II” from his critically acclaimed debut CD “My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me”. This release has ignited a public discussion about depression."

102.7 WSNR

"We have another great band we are adding to our rotation on 102.7 called Vince Grant. A great artist. He will also be spotlighted this Saturday Night on our show "THE MIDNIGHT HOUR" this week."

Rebel Noise

"Grant’s vivid, confessional songs are filled with his heartfelt emotions and acutely perceptive lyrics that focus on the struggles of managing an emotional balance while continually fighting against the specter of depression."

Indie Minded

“Oceans II” is a great track filled with emotion. Keep fighting the good fight, Vince, we’re rooting for you!"

Music Times

"While the 5-song EP tackles the layers of depression that wears one down, "Oceans II" is Vince's genuine attempt at describing his emotions in one huge metaphor. Those suffering from the mental disorder can absolutely relate to the simple chorus of this song: "And it feels like oceans."

Identify: LA

"Edge of the World" is a single that feels like the heart and soul of the album and its meaning. Lyrics such as: "I'm sorry for all of my transgressions and i'm sorry for my careless ways. i'm sorry for all my selfishness, and i'm sorry for my anger too." He continues, "At the edge of the world - standing. At the edge of the world- all alone". Overcoming the inner struggles and battles, this single seems to pay homage and own up to past mistakes."

L.A. Music Blog

"Hearing My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me has pulled at my heartstrings, so I thought I’d pass it along. It’s good and honest. One can easily hear the therapeutic energy, and, well, music is the best way to express/vent this, so good on you, Vince. We are in this together!"



"Los Angeles based vocalist Vince Grant is a musical gem. Struggling with a mental illness of depression, he finds the beauty in music as his cure. And isn't that what music is supposed to do? If you’re into artists like REM and Manic Street Preachers, you’ll definitely enjoy his acoustic tunes that are just as peaceful as the ocean. They're triumphant and quite euphoric to say the least, radiating the raw emotion Grant feels so deeply."

Obscure Sound

"The album is certainly a pleasure to listen to, starting with the sweeping “Oceans II” – aptly titled for the aquatic-like longing synth pad and shimmering guitars. The twangy “Melancholia” is also a very memorable opener, leading toward an anthemic chorus reminiscent of Matthew Good’s electrifying alt-rock theatrics."


Interview regarding some musical influences.

Turnstyled Junkpiled

"With an EP entitled My Depression is Always Trying To Kill Me, one might think Venice beach busker-cum recording artist Vince Grant was being entirely transparent. However, the beauty in Grant’s music lies within a way of inhabiting Tim Buckley or Skip Spence, and in these elegiac and elegiac epic tragedies Grant makes some sense of simply spitting out it."

Eat Sleep Breathe Music

"Grant brings a real honesty to his music. It is thoughtful but yet still rocks. The powerful rock melodies are hard hitting yet soft and calming."

One On One Music

"Vince Grant attempts to connect with the world around him, reaching out to the ones that might also be struggling with the pain that depression can bring. Remember, this is a disease that many feelashamed of having, and so they suffer in their silence and loneliness, and it is true artists like Vince Grant who shine a light over the darkness by placing their own darkness on display. Vince‘s new EP is a powerful and thought-provoking of songs by a genuinely talented musician and songwriter, and one that we can’t recommend highly enough."

Jaded Culture

"The emotionally warm sounds of “My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me” are a delight to sink into. There are moments when it feels like a cold dystopian world. The tracks are infectious and delivered with sardonic charm, kissed by melancholy and optimism. Each one feels like an exercise in Grant’s own musical exploration."


"My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is an EP filled with great music, deep musings, and of course the one thing that matters most, hope. For many this is going to become a soundtrack to their lives, for others it might be too tough a pill to swallow, but this EP is a gem of an album, and it would be a true waste to pass it up."