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4/6/16  Couple of new reviews came in.  Thanks to Eat Sleep Breathe Music for the song of the day nod!


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And a big thanks to Mike Enders at Accidental Bear for his review of the new video and the EP.


Another big thanks to Dave Liljengren and the East Portland Blog for his review of the new video and the EP as well.


7/16/15  New review from the Big Takeover...

"My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is a beautifully emotional and well rounded work from a musician who wears everything proudly on his sleeve."


For a complete list of all the reviews and interviews on the new EP please see the Press/Reviews tab.

If you'd like a copy of the new 5 song EP, "My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me", it is available on both iTunes and CDBaby. You can order it below.

You can also check out my videos on my YouTube channel here... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Tl3hzYUi689ApmqryH1xw

And if you have any comments or feedback drop me a line on the Contact page. I'd love to hear from you.


7/15/15  Review from Buzzfeed...

My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is a gift for the wounded and the broken."



7/14/15 New review from The GR1ND...

"The title of Grant’s EP is My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me, and it’s a gem. The enormity of Grant’s talent is evident. The arrangements are splendid and the musicianship, along with Grant’s conspicuous vocals, makes the EP a winner."



6/26/15  Review from Music Unlabeled...

"My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me definitely isn’t perfect. But it is a passionate piece of art, and you can actually feel how important it is to the musician when you’re listening to it. And that is what makes it a great EP."



6/22/15  New review from Fanflo...

“My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me” is full of deeply personal songs where Grant opens his chest and reveals his beating heart. Ironically, the EP is not depressing, but rather it’s uplifting and dare I say, inspirational?  The EP will send a shiver up your spine as Grant croons his way through five songs and leaves you wanting more."



6/12/15  Review from 24OurMusic from Montreal...



6/10/15  Review from Independent Spotlight...

"Vince Grant’s new EP, ‘My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me’ is one of the most emotional, personal records I’ve ever reviewed. On almost all counts, it succeeds in its endeavors and it’s a gorgeous experience. Grant puts it all out on the table on this EP, and that in itself is very admirable. Check the album out; it’s a winner."



6/3/15  Interview in Cult Noise Magazine, UK, where they say, "The best EP of the year so far."



6/2/15  New review from aXs.com.

"My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me is a transparent lens through which we can see the very personal struggle of a single man. It transcends the individual, though, and for all those out there wondering if you’re the only one, take a listen."



6/1/15  New review from Smash Cut.

"This sense of feeling alone is something in which anyone with a history of depression can surely relate, but then again there will always be times when a shoulder to cry on isn't what you're looking for.  Sometimes you just need a good record that you know will speak to how you're feeling.  For times like that, Vince Grant's got your back." 



5/26/15  Recent interview in Review Fix.



5/14/15 New review from Review Fix...

"With solid lyrics, moody, brooding and passionate guitar work and super solid drum work, Grant is able to use his weaknesses as a catalyst to fuel a deep and important EP that begs to be listened to."



5/11/15  Was just told about this review..

"He’s been recently featured in the Huffington Post, and his EP, My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me, is a stunner." 



5/715 Another review came in from the UK courtesy of Music-News...

"More than simply the musicality of the album, it’s about time that a musician openly addressed depression and mental illness in a creative way."



5/6/15  Just was told about this nice review from Static Multimedia...



4/22/15  Featured in the HUFFINGTON POST...



4/17/15  Kudos to Layla Klamt and the Guardian Liberty Voice for including a link at the end of her review to a 24/7 hotline for anyone in the U.S. dealing with mental illness or with a loved one who is struggling.  They also had this to say about the EP...

"Not since Jeff Buckley has there been such a personal and honest storyteller in indie rock."



4/14/15 Quite a nice review from "Skope - Diverse Music Coverage For the Digital Age"

"My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is a powerful expressive piece of work."



4/13/15  New review.  And kudos to The Music News Site for including a link to the NHS's mental health website and 24-hour helpline for anybody struggling with mental illness or addiction.



4/3/15 Nice review just came in from Verbal Slaps care of Triston. Thanks man!

"There are few men that would ever dare to speak about their battles with depression, and even fewer still that would put those emotions into musical form. But Vince Grant has just released a debut EP that tackles the condition head-on. My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me offers five tracks that not only provide the lyrical content that connects with listeners through its poignancy, but also uplifts with the inspiration through the journey of mental illness."



3/31/15  Cool review from Swedish site Brutal Resonance..."He may not know it or care, but Vince Grant's debut EP is a very noble and brave release. The title could not be more in-your-face: "My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me". This title is not only self-explanatory, but shockingly honest. In just five songs, this EP, released in February, takes the listener on a journey through the trials or suffering with a mental illness with, dare I say it, brutal resonance for anyone who has been through a similar issue."



3/26/15   Absolutepunk.net says, "A true blood, sweat, and tears project, My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is an astounding and emotional overwhelming musical experience, and the best EP of the year so far."



3/25/15   Incredibly heartfelt review from Rick Ecker at New Noise Magazine.



3/24/15  New review from NYC...



3/23/15  Nice piece on the new EP from Scallywag Magazine...



3/18/15  A really nice piece on the new EP courtesy of Jen Dan over at Rebel Noise.



3/13/15  A really nice review of the new EP from CultNoise Magazine, one of the UK's up-and-coming online lifestyle publications.



3/11/15  And here are a few more reviews that came in on the new EP...

Really nice in depth review of the EP from Jason Hillenburg at Music Emissions.


Another nice review from Sahar over at Blogcritics.


And another one from Kali at Emerging Indie Bands.



3/10/15  Just got a bunch of new reviews sent to me from my incredible press agent/PR person, James Moore, owner over at Independent Music Promotions.

Very nice in depth review of the EP from Karen Benardello at Shockya.


Here is another nice review from Papercut Magazine in England.


Another nice in depth review of the EP from Adam Briscoe at Geyser Music.


Nice review of "Melancholia" video and single from DOA - For The Love of Music.


Another nice review of "Melancholia" from The Future FM Blog.


"Melancholia" made the top video picks of the week over at UK site Live4ever.


Nice EP review from New Rising Media.


Another nice EP review from Middle Tennessee Music.


And another nice EP review from Leading Us Absurd.